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Micro- and Macro-metastasis

Initial survival of cancer cell disseminated from primary tumor may yield either a dormant micrometastasis or…
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Elimination of Cancer Cells by Specific T-Cells

In Vitro (human and mouse cells): 1. Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay (MLR). 2. …
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T-Cell Proliferation

In Vitro (human and mouse cells): 1. Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay (MLR). 2. T-Cell proliferation. 3. Maturation of…
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Tumor Antigen

In Vitro (human and mouse cells): 1. Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay (MLR). 2. T-Cell proliferation. 3. Maturation of…
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Drug Sensitivity

Many of our clients want deeper insight into the in vitro growth of their selected tumor system. The interplay…
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Cell Death and Proliferation

Many of our clients want deeper insight into the in vitro growth of their selected…
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Circulating Tumor Cells

We detect, analyze and isolate circulating tumor cells from mouse models and patient…
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Invasion and Migration

BioTest4U has experience with specialized assays analyzing the single-migration (SSM)…
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Primary Tumor Growth

We can implant any cancer cell line available for licensing into mammary fat pad, lungs…
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BioTest4U staff has experience with simple and complex analyses of metastatic progression, as well as of primary tumor growth and anti-tumor immunity. These services are devoted to our customers from Biotech/Pharma companies, but also to Food Industry customers that are interested in testing cancer prevention and intervention potential of their additives or dietary supplements.

BioTest4U offers research services for determining efficacy of experimental anti-cancer compounds in models of primary and metastatic tumors. We also provide solutions for pharmacokinetics and phamacodynamics studies.

Metastatic progression is a series of usually low efficacy steps. It starts with the invasion of primary tumor cells into the vicinity of blood or lymphatic vessels. Next, cancer cells enter circulation and get trapped in narrow capillaries in the target organ as dormant micrometastases. In the final step, these micrometastases eventually form actively growing macrometastases that kill patients. Anti-metastatic activity of a prospective drug targeting any of these steps, or activating anti-tumor immunity, has a potential to bring clinical benefit. 

Core Tumor Models Services

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Samuel Godar, PhD

Samuel Godar is founder and President of BioTest4U, Inc. He obtained PhD from Immunology/Biochemistry at the University of Vienna in Austria. He did his postdoctoral research at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research / MIT, Cambridge, MA. Dr. Godar then became Assistant Professor at the Department of Cancer Biology, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

In 2013 he founded contract research company Biotest4U, which provides services and support for development of oncology drugs.

“We have performed two experiments with BioTest4U that turned out to be very informative. Samuel had everything under control, gave us weekly progress reports that were highly appreciated, let us know about potential issues, was ready to go beyond the signed contract in case it was  needed to make sure that the study brings reliable and reproducible results.  It was a pleasure to work with a company with sense of professional pride and responsibility.”

Martin Lehr, PhD., CEO
Context Therapeutics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“MRC has an ongoing collaboration with BioTest4U since 2014. When we need to test anti-metastatic action of compounds, we come to BioTest4U. They developed and tailored a highly sophisticated and reproducible assay to test anti-metastatic properties of compounds of our interest. Samuel is easy to work with and has extensive expertise on the in vivo and in vitro testing of anti-cancer compounds. We especially appreciate the weekly reports and immediate notification of unexpected events together with proposals how to mitigate them.”

Piotr Chomczynski, PhD., President
Molecular Research Center, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

We have been very pleased with services provided by BioTest4U in the past 4 years.  These include preclinical efficacy studies, a bio-distribution study, an in-vitro assay, and expert consultations.  Dr. Godar, the President and Founder of BioTest4U, is a skilled scientist who very much appreciates the challenges of biopharmaceuticals research, and is quick to share his expertise and experience.  We look forward to BioTest4U’s expanding suite of services, and will continue to work with them as our program needs arise.

Ray Takigiku, PhD., CEO
Bexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Covington, Kentucky